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Get Freight Quotes for Trucking Services

If you would like to request freight quotes for any of the trucking services that we offer, please complete our freight quote request form above. Upon receiving freight quote requests, our dispatch personnel will be in touch with you as soon as possible to provide you with freight quotes for any of your trucking and freight transportation needs.

You can also learn more about our freight trucking services or request a quote for any dry van or refrigerated transportation service from our freight trucking company by emailing our dispatch personnel at dispatch@fargocargo.com or calling us directly toll free at 888-364-9119 or locally at 701-364-9119.

When you contact us to receive freight quotes for our trucking services, our experienced dispatch personnel will work with you to determine the most efficient shipping options in order to help you save money while meeting your transportation needs. We will then manage your shipment throughout the entire transportation process to handle any issues while providing the professionalism and timely delivery you desire.

Refrigerated & Dry Van Freight Quotes

At Fargo Cargo, we can provide freight quotes for any of the shipping services that we offer including dry van and refrigerated shipping to destinations throughout the lower 48 continental United States as well as to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta in Canada. With our dry van and refrigerated transport, we can be your number one source for all of your freight shipping and transportation needs.

Complete the freight quote request form above to request freight quotes for any shipping service or learn more about our shipping services by contacting us.

Refrigerated Trucking Freight Quotes

Freight Quotes for Dry Van & Refrigerated Trucking ServicesRefrigerated trucking is the shipment of any frozen, refrigerated, or otherwise temperature sensitive shipment using refrigerated trailers. We can provide freight quotes for refrigerated shipments for any type of temperature sensitive or perishable goods including food items, pharmaceutical, and beverages. When handling refrigerated shipments, we use special care to keep freight at the right temperature in order to prevent claims and ensure that your shipments are delivered safely.

We can provide freight quotes for refrigerated trucking for:

  • Fresh Produce
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Meat
  • Seafood
  • Refrigerated & Frozen Food
  • Beverages

Learn more about our refrigerated trucking services on our website or request a freight quote today!

Dry Van Trucking Freight Quotes

Request Freight Quotes for Trucking, Shipping, and Transportation ServicesDry van trucking is the most common method of freight transportation in the United States and Canada. This trucking service is when non-perishable goods and other types of general freight are transported in box or dry van trailers. At Fargo Cargo, we can provide freight quotes for nearly any type of dry van shipment to meet your needs. When coordinating and managing your dry van shipments, our staff and drivers will work to help improve your shipping efficiency and ensure timely delivery.

We can provide freight quotes for dry van trucking for:

  • General Freight
  • Household Items
  • Building Materials
  • Lumber
  • Sheet Metal
  • DryBulk Goods
  • Paper Products

Learn more about our dry van trucking services on our website or request a freight quote today!

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